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Charles Leclerc docked his $2 Million elegant yacht in Porto Cervo during F1 summer break



Charles Leclerc is enjoying the 2022 F1 summer break, as he takes a trip with his brother and Girlfriend to Sardinia.

Charles Leclerc needs a break to refresh his mind. The Monegasque has been playing catch to Max Verstappen in the 2022 Driver’s championship.

But Max seems to be getting out of Leclerc’s reach in the title challenge. He is 80 points ahead of Leclerc and can cruise to win his 2nd championship.

Leclerc has failed to win many of the races due to unfortunate circumstances. He has fallen a victim to poor race strategy by his team in the 2022 Hungarian GP which cost him an easy win.

While at times, his own errors like the one in France have resulted in heavy losses. After the race, Charles apparently locked himself and cut contact with the rest until it was time to leave for next weekend’s race in Hungary.


charles leclerc

The stresses of racing in F1 are always high. And the Monegasque looks to cool off and take some time to himself. He is right now enjoying his time Italian island of Sardinia.

Know more about Charles Leclerc’s Yacht
Charles Leclerc was born and raised in Monaco. He lives in the Mediterranean Principality like many other F1 drivers. And just like everyone else in the tax haven, the Monegasque owns a boat!

Leclerc owns a $2 Million Yacht. The Riva ‘DolceRiva yacht was purchased by Leclerc in 2020. The boat has a powerful 800 HP Volvo D13-800 engine, which can touch 35 knots.

The ‘Monza’ is an open-type Yacht. It has a lower deck and a rooftop deck. It can host up to 10 passengers. And the Yacht is furnished so that the Ferrari driver can spend a few days on the seas comfortably.

Leclerc has named his yacht ‘Monza’ after the iconic circuit in Italy. It is the home of the Italian GP and of Ferrari’s ‘Tifosi’ who flood the grandstands of the circuit during the race. He won the Italian GP in 2019.

Charles is an avid boat lover. He likes to spend time riding his boat. He even stated in his vlog that he loves driving his boat around the azure waters of Monaco and Mala, in Southern France. He spends time with his brother Arthur and girlfriend Charlotte on the boat.


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