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Jack Nicklaus, Who Has Won More Major Championships Than Tiger Woods, Once Crowned the Latter As ‘The Best’



Turned professional in 1996, Tiger Woods has won more than 100 championship titles throughout his career. He has also created many records, some of which are still unbroken. As a result, many consider him the greatest golfer of all time.

On the contrary, another set of fans and professionals consider the Tour veteran Jack Nicklaus, who has also won over 100 titles worldwide in his active year, the GOAT of golf! The golf world has been discussing the topic for decades now and nobody has an answer to it.

What does Jack Nicklaus think of Tiger Woods?
“Nicklaus and I were watching Tiger play on TV,” The Tour veteran Tom Watson once explained how his good friend revealed what he thinks of Woods in a casual conversation.


Moreover, Watson said, “I said, ‘Bear, he’s the best, isn’t he?’” Notably, Golden Bear was the name an Australian reporter gave Nicklaus in an article he wrote about him, which Nicklaus liked and accepted as his nickname. “‘Yeah, he’s the best,’” the 2014 Ryder Cup revealed how Nicklaus responded to him.

The relationship between Woods and Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus played his last major at the 2005 Open Championship in St. Andrews. Even after almost two decades, the golfer still holds the record of winning the most number of major titles, i.e 18. This includes 6 Masters, 5 PGA Championship, 4 British Open, and 3 US Open.



Tiger Woods, on the other hand, has won 15 majors, second to Nicklaus’ record. He has won 5 Masters, 4 PGA Championship, and 3 British Open and 3 US Open titles. As a result, the golf world has often compared the two and has always been interested in knowing whether Woods would be able to break Nicklaus’ record.

As a competitive-minded golfer, Woods also wanted to break the record. Hence, he has always stayed away from his competition, Nicklaus. “I never really had a conversation with Tiger,” Nicklaus once revealed. “He got his own focus and what he does,” he added. “And I respect that.”

Woods hasn’t been able to break the record Nicklaus created several years ago. Yet, the 18-time major champion considers him the best!