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Corinna bursts into tears during emotional ceremony for Michael Schumacher



Michael Schumacher‘s home state in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, gave the Formula 1 legend an award which was received by both his wife Corinna and his daughter, Gina.

The ceremony was held at the Motorworld in Cologne on Wednesday. His son Mick was unable to attend, however, as he was reportedly unwell and could not make the flight there.

In an emotional ceremony, everyone in attendance stood up to applaud Schumacher, who hasn’t appeared in public since a serious skiing accident in 2013.

His state of health has remained a mystery, something his family has preferred to keep completely private.

Corinna could not hold back her tears when the ceremony began, and her daughter Gina quickly came to console her.

Corinna y Gina en el homenaje SASCHA STEINBACH

Although Schumacher was not physically present, there was a large photo of the former driver in his Ferrari, with his helmet visor raised and his gaze focused straight ahead. Both his wife and daughter were photographed with it, according to RTL.

Tribute to Schumacher

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hendrik Wust, was full of praise for Schumacher. He said he remembered him as a person “with a big heart and for whom it was important to think of others”.


According to Europa Press, he recalled some of Schumacher‘s most charitable acts, including his family’s donations to the victims of the 2004 tsunami in Asia and last year’s floods in and around North Rhine-Westphalia. But he was not the only one to dedicate a heartfelt speech to him.

“I am proud to call Michael my friend and to have a very close friendship with his family,” said Jean TodtSchumacher‘s team manager at Ferrari and former FIA president.

“Thanks to his victories and successes, he went from modest conditions to becoming a true citizen of the world, who worked closely with people from many different cultures.

“But he never forgot where his roots were, some 30 kilometers from here, and always remained anchored. We miss him here, and not just on days like today.”

A difficult week

All this in what could have been a difficult week for the family. Schumacher‘s former manager Willy Weber accused them of not telling the truth about the former driver.

“I always did everything I could for Michael to protect his private life,” Weber told La Gazzetta Dello Sport. “But since then, we have only heard lies from them.”


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