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Tiger Woods, Who Strongly Condemns LIV Golf, Reveals His Son Charlie’s Views About the Fabled History of the Game



Tiger Woods shares a great relationship with his son. The golfer can be seen along with his son on several occasions, especially recently. During the press conference of The Open, Tiger Woods was asked whether his son pays respect to the history of golf. According to Woods, both father-sons share similar thoughts regarding the sport’s past.

Tiger Woods is currently participating in the highly anticipated Open Championship at St. Andrews. The 3-time Open Champion faced several questions, many of which included LIV Golf, history of golf, and some questions about his son.

Woods’ son Charlie, is currently 13 years old. He participated in the PNC Championship last year along with his dad. Though they finished second at the event, the similarities between the golf legend and his son caught everybody’s attention. And it’s safe to say they have the same mindset on the history of golf too.

Tiger Woods’ son and his take on golf history?
Before his son’s views on the game’s history, Woods shared his views on it. He mentions how the game’s rich history has always been close to his heart.


Tiger Woods said, “The history of the game is certainly something that I’ve taken to heart. I think it’s a very important part of understanding the development of our game, where we’ve come from, especially for me, for a person who’s had to struggle at times for admittance into clubhouses or onto golf courses.”


The 46-year-old also remembered Arnold Palmer and Bob Charles during his press conference. Woods believed that kids these days have access to mobile phones, which means they can gain access to the history of the game quite easily compared to the old days. But then the reporter asked the 15-time Major champion whether his son respects the game’s rich history.

Woods replied, “He does. He understands the history of the game because I make it important to understand where this game has come from and also his heritage, where he’s come from. He’s come from a very mixed background. So just understanding where you come from and understanding this game, how hard I had to work to get to where I was at. I had to earn it every step of the way.”

Tiger Woods ends by saying how nothing in life is easy and everything is earned the hard way. Moreover, he revealed how proud he is of his success. He said, “Nothing’s ever given to you. You have to go out there and earn it, and I earned it through the dirt. I’m very proud of that.”

It’s great to see Charlie being so invested in the game’s history. It will be an outstanding sight to see if he reaches the heights of success just like his father.