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Charles Barkley Once Lashed Out at Phil Mickelson for Choosing Tom Brady: ‘I’m Just Disgusted by Phil Mickelson’



Phil Mickelson is one of the greatest golfers of all time. The six-time major winner has more records than most players in the field of golf. The man was caught in a controversy recently when he decided to leave the PGA tour and play for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series.

However, the athlete has made a lot of fans throughout his career. Among these fans is another athlete and former basketball player, Charles Barkley. Mickelson and Barkley first met via the golfer’s wife, who convinced both of them to play a round of golf together.

But the NBA legend felt betrayed by Phil Mickelson when he chose to play with Tom Brady over Barkley in the fourth edition of ‘The Match’. The Mickelson-Brady duo played against Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers. But among all happy golf fans, Barkley was disappointed… or in other words ‘disgusted’ by the golfer.


Why does Phil Mickelson disgust Barkley?
Charles Barkley and Mickelson are the defending champions of ‘The Match’. But somehow, this time, Phil Mickelson chose to play with Tom Brady and not Barkley. This decision that the athlete took was what made Barkley feel disgusted and betrayed by the golf star.

Barkley said “I’m just disgusted by Phil Mickelson. I cannot believe that he wants to play with this mother instead of me. … I and Phil were the defending champs, but I can’t believe he gonna stick with this mother — I can’t say what Tom said (on The Shop) — but I can’t believe he wants to stick with this mother instead of me.”


Among all this, Barkley mentioned that Tom Brady is the “greatest athlete” as well as “a really nice person”. But he also said, “I don’t think Tom can beat me in golf”. In his appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Barkley made his feelings known and showed that he’d miss being a part of ‘The Match’.