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John Daly Once Spoke About Gambling With Phil Mickelson: “He Won’t Play Me”



John Daly and Phil Mickelson are two of the most outspoken and entertaining golfers the sport has ever seen. Both stars have a lot in common; whether it’s their playing style or their prolific persona. As two players who share fond memories with each other, a few months ago, Daly opened up on how Mickelson would never play against him for cash back in the day.

A guest on the Full Send Podcast last year, John Daly shared a few insights from the PGA Tour. While at it, he also talked about his relationship with other golfers.

Notably, The Nelk Boys had the opportunity to interview several other golfers, like Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler. However, it was John Daly who was the first of many on the podcast at the end of 2021, representing the golf community.

Mickelson doesn’t play with Daly
In conversation, Daly talked about how players used to bet a lot during the practice rounds back in the day. Bob Menery, who is part of the Neck podcast, asked Daly if he would bet with people who had a lot of money, similar to what Mickelson does.


John Daly replied, “Yeah, plenty of them and Phil gets it. I mean these guys look if I can have a chance to team up with my buddies and best Phil I don’t have to pay him for an outing. They look at it as outings.” Menery then asked Daly if he ever played with Mickelson, to which Big John replied, “No he won’t play me.”


Daly further added how Mickelson never invited him to be part of The Match. He said, “He’s never invited me, why Phil are you scared? No, he ain’t scared of me.” As he concluded, Daly expressed his respect for Lefty, saying, “That kid’s so good.”

John Daly and Fuzzy Zoeller vs everybody
Along with his on-course gambling, John Daly shared how the men back in the 1980s used to bet while practicing. He shared a story of his good friend and two-time Major Champion Fuzzy Zoeller.


Daly recalled how he and Zoeller would run a riot on the course. He said, “I’ll go back to me and Fuzzy Zoeller. I mean we used to play everybody but it was in practice rounds we wouldn’t do it in the tournament or whatever I mean but practice rounds I mean, before when I first came out in 89, I got some exemptions into some golf tournaments and I met Fuzzy in 89 in Memphis at Southwind.”

John Daly then said that Zoeller asked him if he wanted to join him and Hubert Green. Daly claims that he went on to win a number of beers and an exorbitant amount of cash during those games. In the end, Daly concluded by saying, “I and Fuzzy took on everybody and we loved it. A hundred dollars. Paid for my hotel room, paid for my drinks, for everything.”

As the years pass by, we get to hear more of John Daly’s iconic stories and yet we preach for more. However, while this was a tale about his antics from the past, it is amusing how Big John is all of it and more, even today.