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Novak Djokovic: ‘That’s something I obviously did not understand why’



Indeed, since 2018 Novak Djokovic has not been outside the top two places in the world rankings. 2017 was a difficult year for the Serbian: decisions about his team led him to a crisis, to the point of not winning a Grand Slam title since 2011.

However, in early 2018 the old look seemed to come back, with the return of Marian Vajda as manager. This “new” change fueled Djokovic’s comeback, both in a number of Grand Slam titles and in reference to their ATP ranking.

He started the year as number 14 in the world, but the progression of the months and the tournaments lost took him to 22nd place in the ranking. However, the Wimbledon tournament changed the fortunes of the Serbian champion: the victory against Kevin Anderson triggered Djokovic’s comeback.

The victory in Cincinnati first and the victory in the US Open later give Novak Djokovic number three in the ranking, and he does not stop there. The victory of another Masters 1000, the one in Shanghai, returns the Serbian to the number two position.

The return to the top, however, comes after the Paris-Bercy 1000 tournament: despite his defeat in the final against Karen Khachanov, Djokovic is once again number one in the world.



Nole wants to win Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic has been hailed as a hero for helping a Kurdish man stuck in Australia for nine years.

“When we went there to see our Novak Djokovic and all those who were in there, who were waving at us from the window. One of them was this man who spent nine years behind locked doors and windows. With thanks to God, and prayers and attention Novak Djokovic bought, he was set free as were all others.

His name is Karin, he is Kurdish and was locked up for nine years. He is a citizen of this country like you and me. He came here today to thank us to thank him for his respect,” the priest said. When asked about the release of refugees during the French Open, the Serbian said he was glad to hear the news.

“If that’s correct, then I’m obviously very happy about it because I know that it was very difficult for them, particularly for the ones that stayed there for nine years,” he said, adding, “I stayed there for a week, and I can’t imagine how they felt for nine years.

They haven’t done anything wrong, and they are asylum seekers and stayed for nine years. That’s something I obviously did not understand why.”