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Derek Jeter Once Left Tiger Woods Amazed With His Golf Knowledge: ‘He’s One of the Best Athletes Who Ever Lived’



Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods are two of the most prominent figures in American sports. One has ruled baseball for over 20 years, while the other one is still donning golf at the age of 46. The longevity and success rate in their professional career is beyond imagination.

After bidding farewell to baseball, the New York Yankees’ legendary captain, Derek Jeter, found a new interest in golf. And guess what? Being a champion player, he gained so much information about golf that he became addicted to the game. The Yankees captain was so good at golf that he impressed the golf legend, Tiger Woods.

With a career that spanned over 20 years, Jeter won everything in baseball. Apart from being a great player, Jeter was a great leader in the ballpark. Under his leadership, the New York Yankees dominated an era in MLB. He led the Yankees to five World Series titles.

When Derek Jeter amazed Tiger Woods with his knowledge of golf
Champion players never want to rest. They always search for an opportunity to grow their knowledge, even if it is not related to their profession. Derek Jeter is one such kind of player. After his illustrious career in MLB, Jeter announced his retirement in 2014. But he started playing and gaining baseball knowledge.

A couple of years after his retirement, Jeter became a pretty good golfer. Per golf writer Jason Sobel, Tiger Woods was in awe of Jeter’s knowledge of the game. Because he had started asking questions like a professional golfer.


Taking to Twitter, Jason Sobel shared the same.

“Now that he’s out of baseball, he’s addicted to playing golf. He likes to practice, he likes to play. You can tell he’s analyzing, he’s asking technical questions about the game,” the tweet said. “He’s one of the best athletes who ever lived and he wants to learn. He’s asking the right questions.”

Just like Jeter, Tiger Woods is probably the greatest golfer to hold a club in his hand. With over 100 professional wins, the American golfer is in no mood to slow down, while golf is still the second love of Derek Jeter.