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PGA Tour Star’s Comment On Charlie Woods Going Viral



It’s not just golf fans who are impressed by Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie Woods. PGA Tour stars are impressed, too.

Charlie Woods, the 12-year-old son of the legendary golfer, has gone viral on social media for his impressive play in recent years.

Tiger Woods and his son have teamed up to play at the PNC Championship, with Charlie Woods carrying the load at times.

One of the PGA Tour’s best players, Jon Rahm, is highly impressed by the son of the 15-time major champion.

“Tiger Woods’ son Charlie is far more talented than I was at his age. I am sure that if he continues on this path, we will soon see him play on big stages,” PGA Tour No. 1 player Jon Rahm said of what he’s seen from Charlie Woods.


That’s some pretty high praise from one of the sport’s best.

The golf world can’t wait to see what Charlie Woods turns into, that is for sure.