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Simone Biles Revealed the Unfair Reason Her Sister Had to Quit Her Remarkable Gymnastics Career: “She Was Just Tired Of..”



Often regarded as the gymnastics GOAT, Simone Biles is the accurate definition of athletic excellence. With 7 Olympic medals and many other achievements, Simone is in a league of her own. But all of it would not have been possible without the support of her family and her adoptive parents, who also happen to be Simone’s grandparents.

Speaking of family, Simone’s sister, Adria Biles, was also a gymnast, and the two sisters trained together. But Adria quit the sport because of the surrounding pressure.

Simone Biles talked about why her sister quit gymnastics
Coming from the Biles family can be a tough job. While it can mean fame will follow with relative ease, it also means that comparisons will be drawn. Being a gymnast alongside the great Simone Biles comes with added pressure. This is where Simone’s sister could not keep up.

During a video session where Simone answered fans’ questions, she brought up Adria’s story. Biles said, “My sister did gymnastics until she was about like 17. She was a level nine gymnast, training level 10. She was really good.”

Biles further added, “She quit because of the pressure, and everybody compared her to me. And she used to win a lot of competitions, too. And then people thought that wasn’t fair, and she was just tired of people talking about it. Whenever she went to competitions like ‘Oh, her sister always wins, she always wins, that’s not fair.’ So she quit“


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It’s heartbreaking to know such a good gymnast had to quit the sport she loved because of what others said. She may have become another great gymnast, just like her sister. Perhaps the Biles sisters could have been to gymnastics what the Williams sisters are to tennis.

When Simone talked about the Williams sisters

Biles once expressed how the duo of Serena and Venus Williams impacted her career. She said the impact Serena and Venus have had in their lives is not only limited to sports. Simone further said she was grateful that she had them to look up to and wished they were friends.

She also said if she had to take one life advice from the sisters, it would be how to keep going, especially when one needs a mental health break. Reacting to her message, Venus said she wanted to be friends with her too, while Serena said they could be besties.

It is indeed a pity to know such a talented gymnast who also won multiple competitions had to quit because of unnecessary pressure piled onto her by other people.