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Read how Michelob Ultra puts fan who didn’t film Tiger Woods teeing off front and center in new commercial



Video recording is essential for each occasion. Phones at shows, sporting, and simply strolling around are presently typical. Except if you’re one man.

That man? That man is Mark.

Mark had Tiger Woods just a few feet in front of him teeing off at the PGA Championship. And unlike most of the people around him, Mark just watched.

The poise. The devotion. The grandness.

Mark promptly turned into a web legend, becoming known as Michelob Ultra person. What’s more, similar to every unadulterated thing, Mark was promptly viewed as a showcasing opportunity for a brand. Michelob Ultra saw the Man Who Would Not Record and put him up front in a commercial.


We should make @TheMichUltraGuy his own can, right? The only question is, what color looks better: blue or white?

It’s really been an onslaught of Mark Content from Michelob since, but that commercial is the peak. The music combined with him standing there with his can is pretty incredible.

“We talked about copious amounts of Ultra, merchandise, going to other PGA events, and we’re now getting into shirts and hats and they’re proposing — potentially — a can of beer with my picture on it,” Mark said, per News Nation. “We’re working through that right now. It’s been crazy.”

Although the moment is finished, Michelob Ultra is ensuring all of us are as yet living in it. Furthermore, by then, there’s just something single left to say: Get that pack, Mark