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Tiger Woods Once Revealed His Lost Love for F1, Schumacher, and What Caused It..:



15-time Major champ Tiger Woods needs no prologue to golf fans all over the planet. Yet, much to our dismay that Tiger additionally enjoyed sports other than golf from there, the sky is the limit.

Woods referenced the amount he followed F1 and Michael Schumacher in a meeting with Golf Digest.

The questioner gets some information about his advantage in sports other than golf and whatever other game that he followed. To this, Woods got serious about his old enthusiasm for F1 back in his mid-20s. He referenced Michael Schumacher and said that he was predominant at that point.

Woods said, “Well when I was presumably in my initial mid-20s, I was calling a great deal of F1, in which Schumacher was predominant.”

Tiger Woods said that before, nobody was remotely close to Michael and he was superior to every other person in the group. He said that he watched Michael rule F1 for the north of 10 years.


“I would positively watch and he just ruled the game for more than 10 years.”, Tiger said. Woods additionally referenced that the entire Ferrari group was far away from where Michael Schumacher was.

“Michael was up to this point away, well the entire Ferrari group fundamentally, was so distant; better than every other person. I simply needed to watch”, Woods said.


Tiger Woods’ energy for different games
Other than his advantage in F1, Woods additionally shared his secret energy for darts. Woods said that he enjoyed darts in light of how fun it was and that everybody lives it up playing as well as watching it

Tiger likewise referenced watching a ton of cricket, and that it’s normal in the UK as well as in the Middle East. He additionally watched Rugby for a long time.

Woods has been probably the best golf player ever and has made various records in his vocation. He got into the game back when he was in secondary school and has been making history and setting benchmarks from that point onward.

Tiger additionally as of late recuperated from a mishap that he met in February 2021. He endure a fender bender and nearly lost his leg to it.