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Can Tiger Woods Keep Playing Majors if This is How It Will Be?



Woods showed he could get back to golf at the Masters. Be that as it may, after work cut off at the PGA, Alex Miceli thinks about the thing Tiger is attempting to demonstrate now.

As he sat in his emergency clinic bed after the awful fender bender on Feb. 23, 2021, Tiger Woods needed to think about what was straightaway.

At any point is it true that he planned to lose his leg, could he walk once more, could he play golf once more, could he play serious golf once more, and might he at any point win once more?

It must be a ton to unload, yet he appeared to move toward his recuperation like how he once destroyed greens and fields: deliberately.

At the point when Woods got back in the game at the Masters in April, it was astonishing that a 46-year-old with a body of a 50 or more year-old could return and incredibly take care of business.


In that multi week, Woods responded to a significant inquiry: might at any point play golf once more?

It was not what he calls “hit and chuckle golf,” which for the most part incorporates riding a truck, however strolling 18 holes for four days.

Tiger imparted the center that week to Masters champion Scottie Scheffler, and that was OK as many needed to see the previous world No. 1 play golf at the most elevated level once more.

The Masters somewhat of a drama certainly in any case, hell, it was Tiger and Augusta, so it was not hard to stomach.

Sadly, Woods has concluded that he needs to keep on being in each significant episode, regardless of whether he have the juice to win, contend or try and play 72 openings assuming he takes care of business.

Is this what the hitting the fairway public needs to see, a player with decreasing abilities limping around title settings professing to be a genuine contender?


“I’ve gotten more grounded from that point forward,” Woods said of his perseverance since the Masters on the Tuesday of the PGA Championship. “Yet at the same time, it’s actually going to be sore, and strolling is a test. I can hit golf balls, yet the test is strolling. It will be that way for years to come without a doubt.”

What is the not so distant future? Since strolling is a fundamental piece of the game, you should accept that Woods would battle in Tulsa, and he pulled out on Saturday night subsequent to limping around Southern Hills in transit to a 9-north of 79.

Subsequent to taking care of business on Friday, Woods discussed the hardships of playing in his ongoing condition and how he would need to do something truly to prepare himself for Saturday.

When requested to remark on his inconvenience level utilizing a size of 1 to 10, Woods’ reaction was “All that.”

Obviously what Woods implied was his body was at that point finished and he just trusted he could figure out how to get around the following 36 openings.

So on Saturday, both the collected media and ESPN chronicled each shot that Woods hit and simultaneously noticed the crumbling of Woods’ wellbeing.


At the point when Woods got done, he didn’t want to make sense of his most terrible score in the PGA Championship, and just later did the world figure out that he pulled out.

The PGA of America gave an assertion to some extent expressing, “We respect Tiger’s fearless work to contend here and in Southern Hills.”

Was it bold or simply childish?

What is Tiger attempting to demonstrate and to whom?

With 82 PGA Tour wins including 15 majors, what does he need to demonstrate?

Woods has discussed not having any desire to be a stylized golf player, yet how might you describe his seven rounds during the Masters and PGA Championship?


Was Woods cutthroat? Did he get an opportunity to win either occasion? The response is no.

As a matter of fact, as the competitions advanced the spotlight for Woods was inclining further toward his actual issues versus his degree of golf.

Thus, we presently hold back to check whether Woods will hop on his personal luxury plane and fly from Jupiter, Florida, to Boston to get an exploratory round on a course he probably hasn’t played since the 1999 Ryder Cup.

Ideally, that flight won’t ever occur. Woods isn’t serious yet and won’t be cutthroat in that frame of mind at the British Open on the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Woods plainly needs time, a ton of it, and I’m not exactly keen on watching a Woods recovery at significant titles and taking spots from additional meriting players.