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Golf World Reacts To What Paige Spiranac Said About Tiger..;



Tiger Woods was playing through some genuine torment on Saturday in Round 3 of the PGA Championship.

While Woods had the option to endure the round, he chose to pull out of the competition. Woods won’t play on Sunday.

The golf world was in torment watching Woods.

“It’s hard watching Tiger be in such a lot of torment. The battle he needs to get past this round is extraordinary,” Paige Spiranac tweeted.

Many fans concurred with the previous expert golf player turned sports media character


“I don’t have any idea how he gets up and tries again later tomorrow. Battling inspired him to begin Round 1. Taking care of business inspired him to begin Round 2. Pursuing the lead inspired him to begin today. What do you share with yourself to get up when you’re wiped out from conflict AND in such a lot of torment?” one fan tweeted.

“I prefer not to say it…but the leg may be giving out to the point he can’t get past 72 openings of visit golf any longer. we as a whole maintain that the tiger should do astonishing stuff…but the body can’t take it. he has nothin’ left to demonstrate to anybody if you were to ask me tho…he’s accomplished all that could possibly be needed,” another fan added.

“Indeed. He most certainly was harming and I truly felt awful for him as I have neuropathy and drop foot which truly makes it hard to play golf. I get to ride in a truck and can skirt a climb or 2 on the off chance that my agony becomes a lot for me,” one fan brought up

Ideally, we’ll see Woods in less torment at the US Open or Open Championship later this mid-year.