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‘It in No Way Diminishes You’ – Venus Williams on Sister Serena Williams Surpassing Her Achievements



Venus Williams needs no introduction. The 41-year-old tennis star is undoubtedly one of the best female players to have ever graced the game. Venus, along with her sister and fellow tennis star Serena Williams, has been an inspiration to many girls all around the world.

Venus has been overwhelming the world for more than twenty years at this point. Be that as it may, the seven-time huge homerun victor is away from the court for quite a while now. She played her last game in August 2021. Following this, she was sidelined on account of a leg injury and is yet to get back into the game.

Meanwhile, Venus has been quite active on social media and keeps her fans updated on her whereabouts. The former world number 1 recently held a question-answer session for her fans. She took to the Instagram account of her apparel brand ‘Eleven by Venus Williams,’ to answer different questions asked by her fans.

Venus Williams Replies to the Question About Having a More Successful Sister
One of her fans asked her what she will say to a tennis player whose sister has better results than them right now. But the 41-year-old did not take any offense to the question and responded professionally. She wrote a person should learn and get inspired if a sibling is doing better than you. Also, be happy for them as it is very exciting that your sister is living her dream.


“I would say learn and be inspired. I know I have! Also, be very happy. How exciting is it that your sibling is happy and living their dream.” She wrote.


Also, she added that it is in no way diminishing to be lesser successful than your sibling.

“It is in no way diminishes you, as we all are individuals of value no matter what our accomplishments are or aren’t. what matters in life is the effort more than the result,” the American concluded.

Venus vs Serena Rivalry
Venus and Serena are very close as sisters but they are equally fierce rivals when playing against each other on the court. The Williams sisters have both won many titles, but if we have a look at individual records in singles, younger sister Serena has more Grand Slams (23) while Venus has seven major titles.

Talking about their head-to-head record, Serena and Venus have met 31 times as Serena has the upper hand, with 19-12 being the current win-loss standing.

Albeit the records show plainly that Serena is a superior player, it doesn’t remove anything from Venus. She is a legend herself. What’s more, as she all around answered to the inquiry posed by her fan, the outcomes probably won’t be on par with what her sister’s nevertheless the work she has set up is commendable.