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A Surprising Revelation About Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and the Millions They Make



Sheer sportsmanship may additionally be what drove these Masters in their games directly to the road to cementing their legacies, but what we can’t deny is the bewildering quantities they’ve made in individual profits. ‘cash’ isn’t just a factor through which we decide an athlete’s range of earning or how well they do at their respective recreation. With that stated, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are among the richest athletes in their respective sports activities.

When The Money Talks, it is Tiger Woods over Roger Federer…
To be as accurate as possible when comparing apples to oranges, we should consider both athletes’ earnings at the peak of their careers and now as it stands into the later half or ‘the twilight years of their sports. Tiger Woods enjoyed peak success longer than any athlete in sporting history. He is probably the most dominant of all time. However, Federer can make a solid case against that with his incredible trophy cabinet at home.

Both Federer and Woods have earned several million through endorsement and marketing. They’ve made a huge fortune out of it, but in the end, it is Tiger Woods who holds an advantage over the 20-time Grand Slam Champion.

In 2022, their individual Net Worth come up to around 800 Million and 550 Million for both Tiger Woods and Roger Federer respectively according to ‘‘. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Except that it really shouldn’t and that the math doesn’t quite add up.

Also, according to the website, Federer earns more money through endorsements than Woods does at the moment. The same goes for on-field earnings as well, barring 2021, where the Swiss Maestro did not play competitive tennis enough. However, it is surprising to note that Federer has a significantly lesser net worth than Woods despite making more than him annually.


As per Sportico’s latest revelation, Federer pips Woods as the top-earning athlete amongst the two this year. Federer is estimated to make north of $85M, while Woods’ earnings sit at $73.5M, on and off-course earnings combined.

To simplify the math, even though Tennis ends up being more tasking/physically intensive and athletes have shorter primes, Tiger’s final few years have seen not only the deterioration of his legendary skills and abilities with a set of clubs but also his endorsements and earnings off of the Golf Course as well.

While in that sense, Federer sees himself retaining more of his endorsements and has gone on to make upwards of ‘$90 Million’ alone in 2021 according to ‘‘. To be completely clear, we here at ES dread the days that we have to see either of these Titans retire, but alas such are the ways and lives of a pro athlete.

Before the Rolex Time Runs Out for Roger Federer
What remains in the final few years or months of these epic sagas is something that is yet to be seen. Personally, we’d love to see them blaze out in one final glorious spark of the prime year of form.

As it stands at the moment, Tiger sits comfortably atop his pile of earnings as one of the most undisputed champions of his respective sport as well as others, when it comes to the bare bone questions such as “How much did you see yourself play for?”. The irony though? On one of the episodes of the ‘Chasing Majors‘ podcast, Steve Williams would go on to reveal that in his time spent caddying for arguably the greatest golfer to ever live, never once did Tiger check his sheet to determine the earnings he would go on to make while playing.