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Justin Thomas Reveals Expectation For Tiger Woods At The PGA Championship



We’re eight days away from the PGA Championship, but Tiger Woods’ presence at the second major still seems up in the air. But Justin Thomas may have an idea of where Tiger is leaning.

Appearing on SportsCenter, Thomas was asked whether Tiger will be on the PGA Championship field. Thomas responded that he thinks it’s “pretty clear” that Woods will be at Short Hills next week. But he’s less sure if Woods will compete.

“I’ve learned with him that you need to look for something incredible. I believe it is pretty clear with him he’ll be there somehow or another, in shape, or structure. As far as assuming he’ll play, he’ll be the one to confirm that. However, I figure we as a whole know not too uncertain somebody like him,” Thomas said.

Woods is currently listed in the field of golfers set to compete in the PGA Championship. But Woods has yet to announce whether he’ll be there.

Tiger Woods has won the PGA Championship four times, with his last win at the event coming in 2007. He finished second at the PGA Championship in 2018, which preceded his historic win at the Masters the following year.


Tiger would miss the cut at the 2019 PGA Championship however completed tied for 37th in 2020. He missed the 2021 competition because of the auto accident that sidelined him for the whole season.

The 15-time major winner shocked the world by making the cut at Masters just one month ago. If he can put up another strong showing at Short Hills, it will further cement the fact that he’s returned.

Will Tiger Woods compete in the PGA Championship next week?