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“I Know a Lot of Things Aren’t Usual”- Simone Biles Sends a Heartfelt Message to Young Athletes



Simone Biles has a lot going on in her personal and professional life. Busy planning her wedding dress and dates, Biles tied up with Athleta to launch her activewear collection. Apart from that, the decorated gymnast continues to talk about mental health struggles and how to cope with pressure.

Athleta & Simone Biles Surprise Girl Gymnasts at the Gold Over America Tour

In a recent interview, she candidly offered thoughts about what she wants young kids to follow in their careers.

Simone Biles’ stance on mental health struggles
Despite being a world-class gymnast, Biles struggled with mental health issues at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Ever since the quadrennial event, she has tried to take away the stigma of not feeling okay by speaking about the situation. With her activewear collection, she hopes to help young kids feel confident, stay happy and move on in their lives, despite facing setbacks.

She means to impart in the correct manner with kids who battle with issues. In the visit with E!, Biles recognized the issues youngsters face and gave an answer for something similar.


“It’s okay to not be okay. Everybody’s healing path is different and especially since we’re still going through a pandemic, I know a lot of things aren’t normal. So hopefully with this collection, it just brightens their day, makes them feel confident, comfortable, and happy,” said Biles.

Likewise, she has mantras she follows that give her positive energy while she performs. “The floor is yours,” “Because I Can,” and “No dream is too small or too big” are some of the major self-confidence boosters she adopts. Hence, it works out well for the champ.

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Biles’ issue with twisties
Despite the fact that she is having a great time by dropping excellent places to get-away with her beau Owens, Biles, even a long time after the Olympics, was “still terrified to do acrobatic.”

Struggling with ‘twisties,’ Biles was unable to take part in the gymnastics competitions. Twisties are a phenomenon where gymnasts lose their sense of space and dimension as they’re in the air. If a gymnast is not 100% focused during this routine, it can lead to grievous injuries.

Away from gymnastics, the sensational Biles is not under any pressure as she seems to enjoy life.

Her re-visitation of the aerobatic rivalries is obscure. Nonetheless, her most recent sports apparel assortment centers around assisting jokes with emerging from their air pocket and feel peppy. It is an incredible drive from the unbelievable athlete.