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Simone Biles and Fiancé Jonathan Owens Share Sweet Easter After ‘Fiery Date Night’



Simone Biles and her fiancé, Houston Texans player Jonathan Owens, celebrated Easter Sunday together

Simone Biles and fiancé Jonathan Owens had a weekend to remember.
The lovebirds shared photos from a night out on Saturday before spending Easter morning together the next day.

“Fiery date night,” the 25-year-old gymnastics legend wrote in a post to her Instagram, which included a picture of her wearing a red top with a matching purse and sandals.

Owens, 26, replied in the comments section of the picture: “Damn you fine baby.”

The Houston Texans safety also posted a series of pictures from the couple’s night together, including pictures of himself smiling and posing next to a Dodge Challenger. Another picture showed him and Biles smiling in a driveway.


“Okay okay,” said Biles in a comment.

Biles then posted another picture of her and Owens together the next day.

Happy Easter,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

In the image, Biles wore a white and dark dress while Owens wore a yellow shirt and shorts. Owens additionally shared the picture on his Instagram Story.

“Another Easter with this one,” he wrote while including two heart emojis and another of crossed fingers.


Biles and Owens announced their engagement in February after first confirming their relationship in August 2020.


The Olympian previously revealed that the couple’s wedding will be next year and that she “just knew” she was going to marry Owens the day after she met him. Speaking to PEOPLE in August of last year, Biles talked about her and Owens’ “love and appreciation” for one another.

Biles said it’s been “so exciting” to watch and support her boyfriend’s career.

“I love watching him play because he has such a passion. He works so hard so for him to be able to showcase that on the field is really exciting,” she explained.

Biles also told PEOPLE ahead of the Tokyo Games that Owens is “always so supportive.”

“He’s dependably, generally so supportive and ensuring I keep steady over my treatment and all of that,” she reviewed. “He’s the best since he additionally goes through it [as an athlete], so he knows precisely the way things are simultaneously. Having him’s been astonishing.”