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See How Tiger Woods Reportedly Met His Girlfriend



Tiger Woods isn’t in contention heading into the final round of The Masters on Sunday, but it’s pretty remarkable that the 15-time major champion is playing.

Roughly 15 months removed from his serious car accident in Southern California, Woods is back on the course, making the cut at The Masters.

It’s been a “brutal” past year for Woods, but thankfully, he’s had some close friends and loved ones helping him recover.

Among those is his longtime girlfriend, Erica Herman.

Tiger woods

Woods and Herman have been dating for roughly five years. They went public at the Presidents Cup several years back. Herman has since been spotted at several notable tournaments in the golf world.


She was reportedly a huge part of Woods’ recovery, often visiting him at the hospital and helping with his rehab and therapy

“She’s supported him every step of the way,” a source said of Erica Herman’s role in Tiger Woods’ recovery from injuries.

Tiger woods

Woods and Herman reportedly met through work. Herman was in the restaurant industry when she met Woods at his restaurant, The Woods, in Jupiter, Florida

Herman reportedly worked at Woods’ restaurant before they started dating.

“It was known that ‘she had a close relationship with Tiger,’ a source told Page Six. “People were scared to get too close to her [because of her access to the owner]. They kept it professional.”

Woods and Herman are now an official couple.


Perhaps we’ll see Herman supporting Woods following his final round at The Masters on Sunday morning.