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Top YouTuber Channels His Inner Tiger Woods With an Ambitious Reveal



Marques Brownlee is very well known in the tech world and especially on YouTube for his enthralling reviews. Also known as MKBHD, he takes every intricate detail into account for any technological review and makes it quite worth for its viewers before using any product.

Not many people know that the great MKBHD is also very much interested in sports. He is into one of the most gentlemanly sports and it’s golf! Sure it does match with the calm and composed stature of Marques, given golf requires a lot of that into account when playing.

In the Tour Experience Golf’s Fitting Studio, Marques Brownlee was welcome to encounter their very first club fitting with Ian Fraser. How about we examine what she needs to say.

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YouTuber Marques Brownlee shows off his inner Tiger Woods
Marques Brownlee was specially invited to the launch of the Tour Golf Experience’s club fitting launch and it seems like it reinvoked his love for the sport. The tech YouTuber unleashed his inner Tiger Woods by testing out the fitting. He says, “I like the tech being involved right off the bat” which means he is pretty much impressed by the technological advancement in the game.


Tiger woods

In a tweet, he has expressed the amount of fun he had with the people at TXG. He also says that golf was one of the first sports that he genuinely loved since the past 20 years. In fact, one of the first videos that he ever made was him trying out a golf swing.

In the above tweet, MKBHD was also really glad about how the sport of golf was catching up really quickly with the available technological advancements. For example, the sport using launch monitors, stat optimization, and LAN is something that he highly appreciates. He is also very much reconsidering bringing back some golfing videos.

Besides this, MKBHD is also a professional frisbee player who has appeared for the New York Empire. They were winners of the American Ultimate Disc League in 2019.

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