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Suni Lee In Leotard Says ‘Tigs Are Here’



After dealing with impostors syndrome post-Tokyo Olympics win, Suni Lee is finally enjoying her career as a gymnast. Although she’s not competing professionally for a while, the 19-year-old made her mark in college gymnastics. Auburn Wire reported that the Women’s College Gymnastics Association named her the Regional Gymnast of the Year last Thursday. She also broke a 28-year jinx when she landed a Perfect 10 on the conference bars. By the end of the season, Suni recorded five Perfect 10s!

Ready For The Nationals Competition
As the NCAA Championship comes to a head this week, the gymnast celebrates with her team and looks forward to clinching a medal for her university team – the Auburn Tigers. They showed up at the Dickies Arena wearing a different leotard from the school’s navy blue and orange colors.

Suni was the only one wearing ankle-length white socks, although she joined the rest of the ladies in wearing uniform leotards, makeup, and hairstyles. They all braided their hair into two plaits tied with a white ribbon at the base.

Enjoying Her Time With The Auburn Tigers
With Suni’s arrival on the team, the Auburn Tigers proceeded to the final stages defying everyone’s expectations! While her perfect 10 scores on the beam and all-around, she definitely contributed to the team’s success so far, she’s not the only impressive gymnast in Auburn, which makes her time there interesting.

Even though she plunged headfirst into fame following the just-concluded Summer Olympics, Suni still learned from her coach and teammates.


Forming New Friendships
Suni also built a close friendship with her teammates since she felt comfortable joining the team post-Olympic win.

Her coach said,

“Suni has had a fantastic season so far and this award is recognition for what she has done in our region. I’m excited for her and it not only is a huge honor for her, but also for our program. However, in the end, no award will be able to quantify how much she has brought to this program.”

The Finals Are Underway
Now that the Auburn Tigers are back in Fort Worth, Texas, they’ll face stiff competition from the Florida, Missouri, and Michigan teams. While this may seem like a lot of pressure for the first-time college athlete, she’s determined to not let it influence her routines. For Suni taking a step back from the Olympics meant she prioritized happiness above all. Now, we are waiting for the results. Suni also built a close friendship with her teammates since she felt comfortable joining the team post-Olympic win.