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Tiger Woods connects back-to-back birdies but has no chance to win the Masters-Full of branding



Tiger Woods completed Saturday with little opportunities to succeed at Augusta National

It was incredible while it endured, Tiger Woods successfully returned to the Masters at Augusta National following 17 months down and out and a frightful recuperation from an almost lethal auto collision. The man is a clinical wonder, he ought not be playing golf any longer yet his assurance has been demonstrated again and again. Sports fans around the world witnessed the impossible happening in front of their eyes and through a television screen. Woods may have lost any chances to win the tournament but he returned to play at an elite level that got him to make the cut to the next round for a 22nd time in Augusta. Not too shabby for a man who nearly lost his leg after that crash. In saturday’s action, Tiger even gave us all a great moment that fills us with hope for the next tournament on the PGA calendar.

Tigers gets back-to-back birdies

You can feel the electricity when Tiger is always getting ready to swing but it was pretty evident during his 12th and 13th holes run. The precision to reach that green was just like the good old days and the crowd thanked him with a loud cheer after finishing with two consecutive birdies. That was the highlight of his day but he helped all major news networks reach their numbers simply with his presence back at The Masters. After finishing the 3rd round, Tiger himself complained about his game by joking he must’ve ‘hit about a thousand putts’. The big man finished the day shooting 78 and pretty much ended all hopes of him winning that sixth jacket. However, we are still getting to watch Tiger in action without that added pressure to win the competition. There is still a chance to watch some impressive feats from him on Sunday.


“I hit a thousand putts out there.


Tiger Woods is clearly in a lot of pain.
Judging by his evident limping, Tiger Woods is still in quite a bit of pain from his recovery process and the entire world can tell. It’s still unclear if he’llbe able to play a full tournament without that pain ever again but his rehabilitation will give him a better grasp of what he can expect in the future. The weather played an important part in Tiger’s performance on Saturday with low temperatures and rapid winds. Sunday is expected to have much more friendly weather and Woods expects to feel more limber during the final round at Augusta. He finished the game with 36 putts in total but he never complained about either his leg or his back pain. Let’s hope Sunday treats him better so he can put on a show for everybody who attended the Masters just to see him golf again.