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“Am I the Only One”: Simone Biles Wants to Be Closest companions With Netflix “Cheer” Show Star



Very much like a large number of us, Simone Biles is likewise a Netflix fanatic. Biles has uncovered that she can’t escape Netflix’s narrative ‘Cheer’.

The narrative show is about a few incredibly gifted team promoters from Navarro College as they battle to advance toward the top. One of them is Maddy Brum. Brum is presented in the most recent time of ‘Cheer’ as a new kid on the block flyer. Remarkably, Maddie is a three-time World Champion in the occasion.

Who wouldn’t want to be Simone Biles’ friend?

Eight-time Olympic medalist, Biles, took to her Twitter and shared that she was interested in being friends with the star cheerleader.

“am I the only one who wants to be maddy brums best friend? or no,” tweeted Biles. Brum has become exceptionally popular after her debut in the documentary. Previously, the cheerleading community has recognized her for her talent.


Brum graduated from Dracut High School in 2019 and joined Navarro after that. Since then, she has been Navarro College’s star cheerleader for back-to-back three years. Maddy too replied to Simone’s comment with equal enthusiasm.

Who wouldn’t want to be best friends with you? thank you so much,” replied the young cheerleader.

Both Biles and Brum relate to each other as both have worked equally hard to make their career. Notably, Maddy was raised by a single mother. She had a difficult childhood. But the strong athlete defeated all the obstacles that came her way and became one of the country’s top cheerleaders.

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Maddy Brum’s career
Maddy was into cheerleading from very small age. She revealed that she used to practice cheerleading tricks from a small age, inviting her family to be an audience. And she is extremely good at it too!

“She doesn’t know how good she is,” said one of her teammates.

Notwithstanding, Maddy is no longer with the Navarro group. Right now, she applauds the CA Wildcats, a cutthroat elite player group. Brum is endeavoring to endeavor to come out on top for the NCA Championship.