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Patrick Mouratoglou calls Carlos Alcaraz ‘modern version of Rafael Nadal’- Full of branding



Tennis trainer Patrick Mouratoglou says he most certainly sees the likenesses between Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal as he has depicted the Miami Masters champion as “the advanced variant of Rafa.” Alcaraz, 18, turned into a Masters champion in the wake of winning Miami and came very nearly breaking into the main 10 as he is currently partaking in a vocation high positioning of No.

11 in the world. “I completely understand the comparison with Rafa. Firstly they are both Spanish, secondly they are super physical players. Third, they are mentally incredible. It is already a lot. I think they have the same style of play.

I’m discussing Rafa today and not Rafa at the period of Alcaraz,” Mouratoglou said in a video posted on his Instagram. “He was playing totally unique, a lot further back with long revitalizes and twist and presently he is more forceful.

I would say Carlos Alcaraz will be the modern version of Rafa.”

‘There are similarities between Nadal and Alcaraz, but also differences’
“There are a lot of differences too.


There is a rightie and a leftie and that has a major effect. Rafa’s method is exceptional and I would agree that Carlos Alcaraz’s is a smidgen more work of art,” Mouratoglou added. “Whenever you watch them play it doesn’t appear as though they are something very similar, however as far as quality there are likenesses and in the style of play as well.”


Many have been wondering in recent days if Alcaraz could become the next teenage Grand Slam champion. Even if Alcaraz doesn’t win a Grand Slam as a teenager, Mouratoglou is sure the Spaniard would still have a great career.

“Carlos Alcaraz is ready for sure. He showed it many times already. First, by the fact that he is improving that fast. It’s always a signal. And by the quality of what he produces. His physical abilities are unbelievable,” Mouratoglou said.

“He resembles a machine. He is an unbelievable competitor, he has every one of the shots, he has no shortcomings. He has the power, the attention is here on each point. He doesn’t question [himself], he is really aggressive and he goes for each shot to direct the shot.”