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Simone Biles on Future of Her Gymnastics Career: ‘I Might Push It a Little Bit More’



Simone Biles might not be done on the beam just yet.

The champion gymnast, 25, spoke candidly about what’s next in her life and her career while being profiled as one of USA Today’s Women of the Year in an article published Monday.

During the conversation, the Olympian shared her personal goals, and whether they involved the continuation of her journey as a professional gymnast.

“Technically, if you would ask anybody in the U.S. that looks at an American gymnast, I’m probably already aged out, but I really feel like leading up to Tokyo, I was hitting my prime,” she explained. “Truly, I thought in 2016, at 19 years old, I had peaked. And whenever I came back to the sport, I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m going to get even better than I was because somebody told me that was the best I was going to get.’ ”

She continued, “You just have to push out those negative views and just keep pushing. I want to see how much I’m capable of, how talented I can be. And that’s why I came back, just to not have any regrets if I look back in 10 years. So now I can really say I have no regrets, but maybe I might push it a little bit more to see.”


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Biles previously said in a Nov. 2021 interview with New York Magazine that the challenges she’s faced in the past few years “should have” been enough for her to walk away from the sport before the most recent Summer Olympics. Biles publicly revealed in 2018 that she was sexually abused by former doctor for USA Gymnastics (USAG) Larry Nassar. She’s since been candid about the effect the abuse has had on her mental health — especially amid her challenges during the Tokyo Games, when Biles developed the “twisties,” AKA a loss of air awareness that forced her to withdraw from most of her events.

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