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Tiger Woods Once Revealed the Most Nervous Golf Shot of His Career



The first tee shot on the opening hole of an event makes every professional and amateur nervous. Even the sport’s greatest professional, like Tiger Woods, have felt it during a golf shot. The 15-time major championship winner revealed in 2018 the most nervous golf shot he ever took.

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Eldrick Woods has won various events in his career, and probably most of them would include pressure or clutch puts. The 82-time PGA Tour winner even holds the joint record for the most PGA Tour wins with Sam Snead. However, once the World Golf Hall of Fame member felt most nervous during the opening tee shot of an event.

The whole story about Woods feeling nervous will surely be relatable to every golfer. In an interview with ‘No Laying Up,’ Woods said, “Oh yes. Very simple. Who was the 92 Nissan la open? It was my first tee shot ever in a PGA Tour event and I was an amateur 16 And I’ll never forget it was this is no big deal, right?”

“This is just a three-wood down the fairway just like any other three-wood. But practice swings were fine. I got the ball teed up fine, built the stance took it back. And all of a sudden they felt like the club weighed 15 pounds.”


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He added, “I’ve never felt like evidently, I didn’t have the nerves until nervousness until I got into a position where I’m starting to make a golf swing to hit this golf ball. And I’ll never forget just hitting right on the middle of the fairway but I don’t remember what impact felt like. I was like wow, I can’t believe I should pull that off. And I had never felt a feeling like that ever since. Nothing has ever felt like that.”


Tiger’s words prove that even the best feel nervous during the first shot of an event

When did Tiger Woods win his first major championship?
On the business end, Woods claimed his first-ever major championship title back in 1997, just one year after turning professional in 1996. He won the 1997 Masters at Augusta National to claim his maiden green jacket. Tiger proved his ultimate dominance at Augusta and won the event with an overall score of 18-under-par. He won the event with a whopping 12 stroke margin. Woods carded a final round of three-under-par, 69.

Tiger made two birdies and all pars on the opening nine holes of the event and moved out in two-under-par, 34. He carded three more birdies on the back nine on his route to a famous yet incredible win. Woods has claimed five green jackets in his career.

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