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Tiger Woods’ Latest Masters Status: Golf World Reacts



Tiger Woods has yet to announce his plans for The Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

So far, no news is good news for golf fans. While it remains to be seen if the 15-time major champion will tee it up at Augusta National, the fact that Woods hasn’t committed to not playing is promising, right?

“Correct, as of now he hasn’t said he’s not playing and on the Masters website there is active list of “Past champions not playing” and he’s not on that list yet,” TW Legion tweeted.

Tiger woods

Golf fans are encouraged by that.

“It makes sense for him to return for his favorite tournament and then maybe take the rest of the year to prepare for next year. Maybe even throw in the US Open, he loves that tourney as well,” one fan added.


“He’s tied with Snead the next win makes him the all time leader in wins he only cares about the majors if he can play hes gonna play,” another fan added.

Not everyone believes he will play, though.

“My official prediction is no Augusta. Would love to be wrong and I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong if so. All indications (TW’s own words, those around him, and some things we hear) point to something in several months down the road. I think Augusta would be a huge ask,” another fan added

Woods’ return is likely still several months away, but Augusta National is arguably his favorite golf course of all-time.

If he was going to return earlier than expected, it would likely be at Augusta National.