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Tiger Woods Exposed the Bigger Truth Behind Becoming Successful



A few days ago, Tiger Woods was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame. Looking at his illustrious career, the Hall of Fame induction was an obvious honor for the icon. Of course, the ceremony was emotional for those involved.

After all, it was an amalgamation of Woods’ entire career. His speech was another highlight of the day, as the 46-year-old spoke of his foundation, his parents, and his children.

One thing Woods focused on was the secret to his success, and how he believes things work.

Check the video on twitter where; Tiger woods reveals at his Hall of Fame induction that his family took out a second mortgage when he was 14, so that he could play on the junior golf tour.

What did Tiger Woods have to say about hard work?
While Woods spoke of all the sacrifices his parents made, he also discussed what made it special. To younger players or aspiring golfers, Woods’ words can be motivating. After all, to many, the 15-time major winner is the greatest of all time.


Tiger woods

“Nothing ever going to be given to you,” Woods added. “Everything is going to be earned. If you don’t go out there and put in the work, you don’t put in the effort, one, you’re not gonna get the results. But two, more importantly, you don’t deserve it”.

What did Woods say about his parents?

Woods spoke at length about his parents and discussed how much they had sacrificed so he could play. They even took out a second mortgage for Woods, which he paid with his first big paycheck. Nike and Titleist were two brands that believed in him and chose to trust him with their image.

“So my family made a tough decision, and at the age of 14 and a half, we took out a second mortgage so I could go out and play the AJGA Tour,”

Tiger woods

That being said, Woods’ career and game are a reflection of his profound words. Despite all the issues he has faced, the 82-time PGA Tour winner pushed through. While he is currently sidelined, fans are constantly hoping for a speedy return, desperate to see their star competing in a PGA Tour event again.