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Tiger Woods Wants to Be the ‘Oldest Winner at the Masters’ and Plans to Return to Augusta by 2023: Insider



Undoubtedly, Tiger Woods enjoys playing at the Masters, given the 15-time major championship winner has various sweet memories of the event. But given the recent events in his career, his return to the sport, let alone to Augusta, remains a matter of concern. Now, with the latest developments coming through, do fans have more clarity on Tiger’s future in golf? Let’s find out.

Will Tiger Woods play at the Masters again?

Eldrick Woods met with an accident early last year, and as a result, has been away from the sport since. Tiger did make a comeback at the PNC Championship, but ever since, has not played a single event. Now, with the Masters less than a month away, Tiger’s fans are speculating a return. However, recently, a source revealed otherwise.


“He’s aiming for the 2023 Masters Tournament. And he has a new goal: to be the oldest winner at the Masters. Jack Nicklaus won when he was 46. Tiger will be 47 next year when he competes, and that’s the newest record he is going for. He’ll stop at nothing to accomplish it.”

He added, “Tiger was known for his focus before, but now he’s learned to focus through terrible pain. And now that the pain has mostly faded, that focus is still there. He’s going to be a force when he returns to the game. He’s going to dominate.”



How many times has Tiger won at Augusta?
Woods has time and again shown his love and dominance at the Masters. The 82-time PGA Tour winner is a five-time winner at Augusta National. His recent green jacket came in 2019. He won the 2019 Masters with an overall score of 13-under-par, as a result, won with a one-shot lead.

Woods carded a final round of 70, two-under-par on his route to victory. With Tiger eyeing a return, we can expect more fireworks at the Masters in 2023.