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‘Roger Federer is special in ways that cannot be…’, says ATP ace



The difference between a great champion and an ordinary player lies in the way to achieve extraordinary results in adverse conditions. Rafael Nadal knows something about it who, despite the serious physical problems suffered in the second half of 2021 between the foot injury and the Coronavirus, was able to win in Melbourne, the Australian Open and Acapulco.

A surprising start to the season for the 35-year-old from Manacor, who brings to mind Tommy Haas the return of Roger Federer in 2017. The Swiss, returned from a knee problem, managed to win the Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami, Halle, Wimbledon, Shanghai, and Basel.

“Yes, it’s really, really incredible,” said the former German tennis player, now director of the Indian Wells tournament on the Tennis Channel. I had a chance to have dinner with him [Nadal] the other night, so I got a little more information on his start to the season.

It reminds me a little bit, you know, when Roger [Federer] was injured for about six, seven months and came back in 2017 and had a phenomenal start to the season, when he won in Australia, he came here and in Miami to win and then he won Wimbledon”.


Even a titan like Rafael Nadal, however, can fall and has done so several times in recent years. Nonetheless, the Spaniard never gave up and had the strength to triumph for the second time at the Australian Open, surpassing all-time rivals Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the number of Slams won.


Federer is a tennis legend
Frances Tiafoe recently gave his two cents on the GOAT debate, saying that he personally considered Roger Federer to be the greatest player to have picked up a tennis racquet. In the same breath, however, he conceded that it was not an easy task to ascertain objectively who the GOAT was.

roger federer

“It’s tough [to decide who the GOAT is], but I’m still going with Roger Federer,” Tiafoe said. “You can paint a whole picture with what he has — stupid good service, can play all the shots, makes the game look so easy and is a great ambassador for the sport.”

Over the course of the interview, Frances Tiafoe also commented on Roger Federer’s “aura.” The World No. 31 noted that the Swiss had an air of likability and charm about him that very few people possessed, and described him as “special” in ways that cannot be put into words.

“I’ve met a lot of people, celebrities and people who have that recognition, but only Roger Federer’s got that aura with him. It’s crazy,” Tiafoe said. “Some people just have it, man. This dude is special. He’s like that. [Whether he is on the court or not on the court].”