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Tiger Woods Once Immaculately Settled NBA’s GOAT Debate Between LeBron James and Michael Jordan



Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time. He has revolutionized golf and made it a popular sport around the world. Moreover, he has not only influenced the golfing world but also other athletes. Tiger has always been close friends with Michael Jordan, and they played golf regularly against each other.

However, while Woods is the outright favorite for the GOAT title in the golf world, the NBA has two strong contenders for the same; namely, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. For a few fans, MJ is the greatest, while others prefer LeBron. But what about Tiger? Does he have a biased opinion or a purely statistical, factual-based answer for the same? Let’s find out.

Tiger woods

Tiger Woods answers who is the greatest NBA player

During a press conference of the Players Championship in 2018, a reporter asked Tiger Woods for his opinion on the greatest NBA player between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. “They are both great in different ways,” said Tiger. “I think that if you look at MJ, he was a prolific scorer and played defense like no other.”

That being said, Woods also believed LeBron is different. “He is like a hybrid of MJ and Magic, which is so different because he is bringing the ball up a lot. MJ never really did that. I mean, he had Pip as a point forward a lot of times, and you would think that that’s kind of LeBronish. But they are very different in how they help both teams,” said Tiger.


Tiger woods

Furthermore, Woods said that the way Jordan dominated the league was incredible. He added that MJ did it differently than how LeBron is doing currently. Playing it safe with a diplomatic answer, he ended by saying that both of them have won games, and that’s what matters.

Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as many athletes often chose the same route when asked to name the greatest golfer between Tiger and Jack. Most of them give a diplomatic answer and avoid taking sides. But will you do the same?

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus? Take to the comments and let us know who you think is the undisputed GOAT.