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Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Fly Off to Vacation Ahead of GOAT’s 25th Birthday



While Shaun White is enjoying leisure time post-retirement, Simone Biles, too, has flown off in a jet with boyfriend Jonathan Owens for a much-needed break.

Currently, the star gymnast is on vacation with the NFL star player, preparing to bring in her 25th birthday in style. Both Owens and Simone took to their social media recently to post some pictures of their trip to the Bahamas.

Simone Biles and Owens are off on vacation!
Simone Biles took to her Instagram story, sharing glimpses of her time at beaches, enjoying a drink or two.

The couple has flown off to Turks and Caicos ahead of her 25th birthday. Notably, the champion gymnast will turn 25 next week on 14th March. Turks and Caicos are a host of coral islands in the British Overseas Territory and are situated southwest of the Bahamas.

simole biles

Biles took to Instagram stories to share photos of them leaving for the airport, and even shared a shot of their passports. Mind you, the location is loaded with luxurious resorts. Biles even shared a few videos of their stay.


“& we’re off” posted Biles. She shared some shots of them enjoying drinks in the evening. Notably, they are accompanied by another set of friends.

“I love her to death”: Jordan Chiles has the sweetest reaction to Simone’s engagement
Last month, Simone and Jonathan shocked the world, announcing their engagement. Notably, Owens proposed to Simone on Valentine’s Day and received a resounding yes from her.


Like us all, Simone Biles’ best friend, Jordan Chiles, is equally excited about Biles’ engagement. She revealed how much she loves Simone and how emotional the news made her.

“I call her here and there and I love her to death,” said Jordan while talking to E! News. “She will always be with me no matter what and I’m just really excited for her.”

Biles and Chiles have been friends ever since they started gymnastics. And now that Simone is ready to start a new chapter in her life, Jordan promises to be with her, every step of the way, just as Simone has done for Chiles.