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Check for reason why Tiger Woods’ son is named Charlie Axel Woods



Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie Axel Woods, has played alongside his father twice in the PNC Championship and has captured the attention of golf fans.

Charlie’s play and swagger and mannerisms remind golf fans of his GOAT father, and Charlie continues to develop into a successful competitive junior golfer in his own right.

However, many golf fans are interested to know how Tiger Woods’ son got his name, Charlie Axel.

Why is Tiger Woods’ son named Charlie Axel Woods?
Tiger Woods’ son is named Charlie Axel Woods as a nod to both a man that Woods considered to be like his grandfather and the father of Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

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The couple named their son Charlie because of Charlie Sifford, the first African-American man to compete on the PGA Tour. Sifford helped encourage and mentor Woods as he developed as an amateur player and was an important figure in Woods’ life.


Woods hosts the PGA Tour’s The Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club each year, and the exemption for a developing player is named after Sifford.

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Charlie Woods’ middle name, Axel, is a nod to a name used in Elin Nordegren’s family. Elin’s father, Thomas, had Axel as one of his middle names. Axel is also the first name of one of Elin’s older brothers. It means “king of peace” in Swedish.

Charlie Axel Woods was born Feb. 8, 2009, conceived somewhere around the 2009 Masters.