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‘You can paint a whole picture with what Roger Federer has’, says ATP star



Everyone is always waiting with great trepidation when Roger Federer officially returns to the pitch. At first there was talk of his possible recovery for the tournament that consecrated him definitively in 2003, or Wimbledon.

At the moment, however, it is not yet certain whether the Swiss will be able to play a game in this new year. One of his coaches Severin Luthi spoke to Tages Anzeiger giving a brief update especially on the physical condition of the twenty-time slam winner “He is still undergoing rehabilitation,” said Luthi.

The calendar, which was set last fall, said he should have been training regularly on the pitch by March, but everything is still going very slowly. Even though he is not training with the racket and ball yet, he is toning the muscles: ”He is working out in the gym.


He is not only strengthening his knee or leg muscles, but his whole body as well. He is working on a conditioning program”, Roger, who returned to the field last season for a short period, but still had to deal with the knee, realizing that he could not compete at the highest level despite the fourth round at Roland Garros and the quarterfinals.

Tiafoe pays tribute to Federer
Frances Tiafoe recently gave his two cents on the GOAT debate, saying that he personally considered Roger Federer to be the greatest player to have picked up a tennis racquet. “It’s tough [to decide who the GOAT is], but I’m still going with Roger Federer,” Tiafoe said.



“You can paint a whole picture with what he has — stupid good service, can play all the shots, makes the game look so easy and is a great ambassador for the sport.” The American was equally impressed by Nadal’s feat, expressing incredulity at how the Spaniard went from almost quitting the sport to becoming the undisputed leader in the Slam race at the ripe old age of 35.

“But then again, Rafael Nadal is crazy. 21 Grand Slams and to do what he did, 2 sets down and 3-2 0-40 in the third, we’re talking about three match points. He gets broken and it is over. He knew it and everybody knew it.

To do it at the age of 35, the dude was talking about quitting tennis, bro,” Tiafoe said. “Rafa’s [chances of becoming the undisputed GOAT] have a ticking time bomb, you could say that. But he just won the Australian Open.”