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Wally Masur: I certainly won’t put ceiling on what Rafael Nadal can achieve in 2022



Former Australian Davis Cup team captain Wally Masur says the last thing he would right now would be putting a ceiling to what Rafael Nadal can achieve in 2022. Nadal, 35, has had a stunning start to the 2022 season, winning three titles in as many tournaments played.

Nadal, who was limited to only one event in the second part of the 2021 season due to a knee injury, is 15-0 in 2022, with victories at the Melbourne Summer Set, Australian Open and Acapulco. “I certainly won’t put a ceiling on what Rafa can achieve,” Masur told the Australian Open website, per Sportskeeda.


“I think if he’s playing this well on the hard courts… I don’t like to prognosticate in terms of matches that he can win consecutively because it almost seems impossible; 15 in a row, (potentially) 17, 18, 19, it just seems quite incredible at that level.

I’m loathe to say what he can do.”

Masur: We can sit back and enjoy watching Nadal
After claiming a record 21st Grand Slam at the Australian Open, Nadal is now the No.1 favorite for the French Open title. Nadal didn’t win it all at Roland Garros last year and this year he will be aiming to win a record 14th French Open title.



“I will say the French is looking pretty positive for him. If he can play this well on hard court, it’s gotta put a spring in his step when he gets to Paris in May,” Masur said. “But maybe we’ve got to be a bit like Rafa; over the years, has there been a better player at just living in the now? The past is done.

The next point hasn’t happened yet. He’s here, right now. This is what he does, and this is what matters most. Maybe we just sit back and enjoy Rafa in the now, because it seems to be how he approaches it