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‘Novak Djokovic is looking for his place but…’, says expert



Will Novak Djokovic Play Indian Wells? For weeks, this question was not answered: the Serbian tennis player was on the entry list, but there were strong doubts about his presence at the Californian tournament: according to American laws, anyone who has not undergone the Covid vaccination cannot enter the territory19 .

This question could have been answered with the publication of the draw of the first Masters 1000 of the season, in which Djokovic would be the second seed of the tournament. The organizers of the tournament, during the draw for the singles draw, explained the situation in which Djokovic finds himself.


“Novak Djokovic is on the tournament entry list and, therefore, is included in today’s draw. We are in constant communication with his team; however, it has not been determined whether he will participate in the event by obtaining the approval of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to enter the country ”: this is the tweet of the official profile of the tournament, which explains why the Serbian was included in the draw of the singles draw

If Novak Djokovic could not participate in the Masters 1000, two different scenarios would open up. If the retirement of the number two tennis player in the world occurs before the day-1 program is drawn up, the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, the first player not to be seeded in the tournament, will take his place.

If, on the other hand, the withdrawal took place after the day-1 program, a lucky loser would take over. It would therefore be the same dynamics seen at the Australian Open: with the decision of the Federal Court of Melbourne, the place of Djokovic was taken by Salvatore Caruso, lucky loser of the Grand Slam.



Tiriac reflects on Nole Djokovic
Ion Tiriac, the former owner of the Madrid Masters, described Novak Djokovic as a good athlete but said the Serb could not hold a candle to Rafael Nadal, who he feels is a “great champion” because of his humble demeanor.

“Djokovic is looking for his place and he can’t find it,” Tiriac said. “He is like Becker, like a child who plays with fire and puts his hand up to see if it burns or not. Djokovic is a great athlete, a very good tennis player, but to be a great champion, it’s Nadal!

In my opinion, Nadal is, not in tennis, but in sports, a genius who stayed with both feet on the ground, who behaves the same as when he was 15.” Tiriac also criticized Djokovic’s vaccine stance in an interview with a TV show “Friends of Ovid,” as quoted by first sportz.

“You don’t want what? You don’t want what 99 percent of people want and that’s why you’ll be in the 1 percent who aren’t allowed to move. You messed up everything from A to Z,” Tiriac said.