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Paige Spiranac is Paid More Money Than Tiger Woods for an Instagram Post



Paige Spiranac is one of the most followed entities in the golfing world. And despite retiring from golf years ago, she has more followers than Tiger Woods on Instagram. Paige boasts of 3.2 million followers, while Woods has 2.8 million followers currently on Instagram. Notably, Spiranac tasted unprecedented popularity after she switched from professional golf to a full-time social media influencer, and pursued a career in modeling.

Paige is known for being herself unabashedly on social media. She often shares her daily happening with her fans and is an open book online. Since she is the most followed golfing entity on Instagram, she earns an incredible amount of money from sponsorship and endorsements. Can you guess the unbelievable figure?


How much does Paige Spiranac earn per Instagram post?
Paige Spiranac is one of the most well-known names in the golfing world. The pro golfer turned social media star is the most followed golfing entity on Instagram. According to reports, Paige earns around $14,000 per post on Instagram with 3.2 million followers. Undoubtedly, these are pretty solid numbers, especially when compared to the GOAT of the game, Tiger Woods, who earns around $11,000 per post with 2.5 million followers.

Meanwhile, Paige is now moving her focus towards Twitter as well. From tournament picks to other collaborations, she posts content in abundance. Currently, Spiranac has 505k followers on Twitter. However, she is well behind Tiger on this platform as Woods has 6.6 million followers currently.


Nevertheless, for a social media influencer like Paige, her Instagram following has given her some great opportunities. In her golfing days, she has competed on a couple of Ladies’ European Tour events. However, Spiranac sadly could never make it to the LPGA Tour, and hence, she sought retirement in December 2016.


Soon after her retirement, she completely focused on growing as a social media influencer. Hence, Paige has successfully built her fan base, and her following, especially on Instagram, and is growing substantially even as a Youtuber.