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‘Rafael Nadal is not going to condition his schedule to…’, says top coach



Rafael Nadal has started 2022 in an extraordinary way, beyond all expectations. The former world number 1 has won his first 15 games this year, as well as winning the Melbourne ATP, the Australian Open and the Acapulco tournament.

The achievement in the Happy Slam left everyone speechless, considering that the first triumph of the Spaniard ‘Down Under’ dates back to 2009. Under two sets in the final against Daniil Medvedev, the 35-year-old from Manacor managed to crack the certainties of his opponent just when the Russian was one step away from the finish line.

Rafa found the strength to overturn a match that seemed lost, once again demonstrating an out of the ordinary resilience. Thanks to this success, the Majorcan overtook Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the all-time Grand Slam standings.


The Iberian will try to reach 22 Majors already at Roland Garros, where he will be the big favorite. In a long interview with ‘Punto de Break’, Francisco Roig revealed that Nadal will not add any more tournaments to chase the top of the ATP rankings.

Francis Roig speaks about Nadal
“Rafael Nadal is not going to condition his schedule to play more tournaments and look for number one. It is something that is there of course, but that is not really the objective, it is rather a consequence,” Roig was quoted as saying by Punto de Break.


“The number one spot is something that is not the priority… neither for Rafa, nor for Roger or Novak. The subject of the Grand Slams is ahead. That is the great challenge, it is what Rafa is most excited about. The priority is that and putting together a good calendar,” he said.

Over the course of the interview, Francisco Roig revealed that Rafael Nadal’s team did not expect him to begin the 2022 season in such explosive fashion, given the chronic foot injury that had kept the Spaniard away from the tour for six months.


“We did not expect this start to the year that he had a month and a half or two months before the start of 2022,” Roig said. “We all knew about his problem with his foot, which had been six months without competing.”

Tennis has had some massive on-court rivalries in its century-long history. However, one rivalry that has surpassed all of them is between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Often regarded as the greatest players of the game. The two have faced each other 40 times in their careers.

Even though Nadal has been the dominant one in the race, a tie between them is still the most looked after the match in every tournament.