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‘It would have been extremely easy for Novak Djokovic…’, says expert



Novak Djokovic played his first tournament of the season in Dubai, but his run was interrupted already in the quarterfinals at the hands of Jiri Vesely. The world number 2 had not been able to defend the title at the Australian Open due to the well-known vaccination issue, as well as having suffered serious damage to his image due to his position.

His premature departure from the United Arab Emirates cost him the first place in the ATP ranking in favor of Daniil Medvedev, who became the 27th number 1 in the history of men’s tennis. Due to the rules in force in the United States, the Serbian champion will not be able to compete in the Masters 1000 of Indian Wells and Miami.

In the last few hours, good news has arrived from France, which will abolish the Green Pass from next March 14th. This means that the 34-year-old from Belgrade will be able to compete in the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo and above all in Roland Garros.

In a video posted on Instagram, Patrick Mouratoglou invited the public to re-evaluate Nole’s image.

Mouratoglou opens up on Djokovic
“One of the main criticisms people say about Novak Djokovic is that he is not authentic.


That he is playing to be loved, that he doesn’t show his real personality. I believe the opposite,” Mouratoglou said. “I think he is extremely authentic.” The fact that Novak Djokovic did not do so made it obvious to Mouratoglou that he is far from inauthentic.

“This last position regarding corona virus, I think it would have been extremely easy for someone like Novak Djokovic to have a doctor sign the papers saying that he’s vaccinated even though he is not, and people would never know about it,” Mouratoglou said.

“This would allow him to play every tournament, do whatever he wants and be in a position to become the GOAT. But no, he didn’t do that. He refused to cheat, which was easy and no chance to get caught. Having a doctor sign the document in Serbia, how easy was it for him?” Mouratoglou added.

“But he said, “No, I am not going to lie. I am not going to cheat. I am going to be true to myself. I believe that it’s bad for me to be vaccinated. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe so or the opposite, I am going to say it to the world and take responsibility.

If I cannot be the GOAT, I will regret it for sure, I will think it is unfair, but I will accept it.” I think it is an extremely high and strong message of someone who is true to his values, his beliefs and is authentic,” Mouratoglou said.