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John Daly Once Made an Extremely Bold Statement About Tiger Woods



John Daly is probably one of the most famous professionals in golf ever. He has been famous both on as well as off-the-course. Moreover, the 2-time major championship winner is a man with a golden heart. He proved this yet again with words of appreciation for another professional, Tiger Woods

John Daly on who Tigers vs his talent

Back in 2018, Long John appeared on the Dan Patrick show. The tour veteran spoke about how once he was trying to get Tiger Woods to have a drink with him back in 2004 at the Target World Challenge Pro-am. However, in the same video, Daly spoke some beautiful words of appreciation for Woods and admired Woods’s talent.


During the conversation, Daly was asked if he has more natural talent than Tiger Woods. To which John replied in an incredible way.

Daly said, “I think I think we’re really close on that. But I think his deal around the greens when he was winning all those tournaments was a lot better than anybody. I think even at a point where you can almost say was better than Nicklaus’s.”


He added, “But now I think Tiger was always one two or three-four steps ahead of me in this game. I think he’s focused and his mentality is probably one of the strongest I’ve ever seen in a golfer. Really close to what Nicklaus did. And you know, I was more of a like I said I was more of a Palmer fuzzy Trevino.”


Yet again Daly has proved, how great a sportsman he is. His words also show the amount of respect Daly has for Woods as a player.

Tiger wins the 2004 Target World Challenge
Tiger Woods won the 2004 Target World Challenge at Thousand Oaks. He won the event with an overall score of 16-under-par and by a two-shot lead. Woods carded a final round of five-under-par, 66 to become the 2004 champion of the event. Padraig Harrington was the runner-up Woods at the event.