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The hype is real for Charlie Woods, the son of legendary golfer Tiger Woods.

The younger Woods, just 13, has made waves in the few public events he’s taken part in, to the point that golf betting fans are already wondering how many pro golf majors he’ll win. Much of that hype is due to the career of the elder Woods, of course, who won 15 majors and 106 overall tournaments and is considered by many to be the greatest golfer to swing an iron. oddsmaker Adam Thompson has studied the history and lineage, creating projected Charlie Woods odds for milestone moments for an upcoming career.

These are projected golf odds and are not currently available at legal betting sites.

Will Charlie Woods Win A PGA Tour Event Before Age 20?
Yes No
+350 -750


Tiger woods

Tiger won his first golf tournament at age 3 – in an age-10 field. He won his first PGA tournament at age 20. It may have been sooner had he gone pro sooner, instead of opting to enroll at Stanford where he had a successful college career and was a three-time U.S. Amateur champion.

Charlie is on that path. To expect some level of success is natural. Even expecting him to win a tour event eventually, there is reason to believe. But to do it before age 20? Tiger didn’t do that. If Charlie goes the college route, too, that limits the PGA win opportunities at such a young age.

Will Charlie Woods Win A PGA Tour Event Before Age 30?
Yes No
+200 -450

tiger wood and charlie

Tiger was a tournament-winning phenom by the time he was 5 years old. By the time he was 30, he had 46 PGA Tour victories and 10 major championships. Can his son do the same? Nobody should put that kind of pressure on the kid.

But to win one PGA event? Charlie is on a path to pro golf success. How quickly it comes – as a teen, post-college, etc. – is impossible to project. But to win one event? Odds are never in the favor of any player to win, but Charlie’s career is as promising as any pre-high schooler out there.
Will Charlie Woods Win A Pro Golf Major By Age 30?
Yes No
+950 -1500


The younger Woods has already displayed the mental chops to stay steady under the spotlight. The duo paired up for the father-son 2021 PNC Championship and took a remarkable second place to John Daly and John Daly II, who is a collegiate standout. Charlie nailed two key birdie putts and crushed it off the tee for someone his age.


Woods has won multiple youth tournaments and just recently took second at the Age 11-13 division of the prestigious Disney Junior Open, part of the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. (Props to 11-year old winner Shayaan Kim, who took the two-round event by four strokes at -1.)

Tiger ranks second all-time in majors wins with 15, behind only Jack Nicklaus’ 18. Tiger himself was a known and budding standout as a youth. Charlie appears to be following a similar, if not more golf-refined, trajectory.

Betting on kids to eventually get it done on the course isn’t unprecedented. Rory McIlroy’s father famously put down a $500 bet on his son to win the British Open by the time he was 26 – when Rory was just 16 years old. He won the major at age 25 and his father collected over $340,000 from it.

Will Charlie Woods Win The Masters By Age 30?
Yes No
+6000 -9000

Tiger Woods won five Masters titles, second only to Jack Nicklaus’ six. In the past 25 years, since golf’s field became much deeper and more competitive, only Woods, Phil Mickelson (3) and Bubba Watson (2) have won more than once.

Charlie Woods is on a trajectory to become a great golfer, and he’ll have the fatherly support and instruction to do great things. But to win one specific tournament – among the toughest of them all – years down the road is a stretch