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How Many Professional Golf Tournaments Has Tiger Woods Won in His Career?



We all know Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers of all time. He has 82 PGA Tour wins and has bagged 15 major championships in his career so far. His contribution towards golf is inexplicable. Woods has revolutionized this sport and brought popularity and money into this game. However, Tiger still needs three major championship wins to equal Jack Nicklaus’ record.

Additionally, he also needs one more victory on the PGA Tour to become a solo leader in most PGA Tour wins.

Tiger Woods has been competing on the PGA Tour as a professional since 1996. Moreover, his first PGA Tour victory came in the same year. But there are plenty of other events apart from the PGA Tour that Woods has won, like the European Tour, which is now DP World Tour, Asian Tour, and others.


So Tiger has 109 professional wins in his career as a golfer so far. Notably, this includes 82 PGA Tours, 8 regular DP World Tours, 2 non-co-sanctioned Japan Golf Tour wins, 1 non-co-sanctioned Asian Tour win, and 16 other wins in his professional career.

Golfers with the all-time most professional wins
However, it is imperative to note that Tiger isn’t the player with the most professional wins in golf. The top spot is safe with Sam Snead, as he has 142 professional wins, including 82 PGA Tour wins and seven major championship wins in his career as a pro golfer.


Tiger woods

Additionally, Jack Nicklaus, who has 117 professional wins, is second on this list. He has 73 PGA Tours and 18 majors in his career but still is way behind Sam Snead. So Tiger is in third place when it comes to the most professional wins in golf.

However, the only advantage he has is that both these golfers have retired while Tiger still has some golf left in him.

Do you think if Tiger decides to land on the golf course again, he could surpass Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus’s record of most professional wins?