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‘Nauseating Interview’: Golf World Simmers at Jim Nantz’s Viral Interaction With Tiger Woods



Tiger Woods hasn’t played an official tournament since February last year. It has been almost a year since the accident, and the golf world is eager for his return. However, they are not happy with Jim Nantz for pressuring Woods to make a statement related to that.

“Augusta, any shot that you would play the Masters this year?” “Wednesday is the Par-3, that is something that I would think that you would be capable of playing.” “So, we will see you there?” Nantz kept on firing questions towards Tiger, one by one.

Jim Nantz annoyed Tiger Woods
Jim Nantz is the lead anchor of CBS’ golf coverage, including the PGA Tour, Masters, and the PGA Championship. He had received National Sportscaster of the Year five times in his career. Apart from being an incredible commentator, Jim is also a three times Emmy-winning actor.

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Tiger woods

Genesis Invitational has begun on the 17th of February, and Nantz is the lead announcer for the tournament. He and golf analyst Sir Nick Faldo had a talk with Woods amidst the tournament. Nantz kept pressing Tiger to know about his comeback, which frustrated the golfer.


Tiger explained how he just doesn’t want to participate but properly compete in a tournament in the interview. And unless he is fit to do that, he won’t take part in a professional tournament. Since he doesn’t know when his health conditions will improve, Tiger said he couldn’t share when he would make a comeback. He didn’t want to discuss the topic further. However, Nantz kept pressing Tiger for an answer.


“Hey, Jimmy, slow down, turbo. Slow down,” said Tiger to stop Nantz from asking more questions. It would be okay to say the questions made the GOAT a bit annoyed.

We all want to know when the GOAT will make a comeback to professional golf. However, everyone would want him to do it at his own pace, not before that. If Woods thinks he can walk the entire course and win at a tournament, he would definitely make a comeback. Until then, all we can do is hope for his speedy recovery.