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Look at that swing! Charlie Woods following in his famous father’s footsteps



Like father, like son. A chip off the old block. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When it comes to boys taking after their dads, there’s no shortage of sayings and clichés – and in this case, they’re all about as accurate as a hole in one.

Following in his famous father’s footsteps is a pint-sized protégé who not only looks and moves like his dad but is blessed with the same sublime talent that has made his old man one of the greatest golfers of all time.

The name Charlie Woods has been bandied about a lot since he joined his dad at the recent PNC Championship in Orlando, Florida – an annual event that sees 20 major champions team up with a member of their family to compete to win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tiger woods - charlie

“The big issue will be how he handles the mental pressure of being compared to his father every day”. If he weren’t playing golf, it wouldn’t be such an issue. But surely the expectations will be huge. The mental side of the game is often more difficult than the physical, but nobody has shouldered more pressure in golf in the last 20 years than Tiger and that’s how he will help his son the most if he decides to pursue the sport on a long-term basis. You never know with kids that age, but why wouldn’t Charlie want to be like his dad. It’s a special bond, similar to the one Tiger had with his father, who groomed him at a young age to be a star.

Tiger woods

And yet I think of Jack (Jackie) Nicklaus II, son of the legendary Golden Bear. He had some success in the pro ranks after graduating from University of North Carolina, but nothing remotely close to what his father accomplished. After five or so years on the pro circuit, he turned his focus to designing golf courses and has become quite profound at it. One can only imagine the pressure he was facing growing up with the same name as a legend.


At least Charlie Woods doesn’t have the exact same name as his father, nickname or not. But clearly everyone in golf – and to a certain extend the sports world – knows who he is now. Remember the embrace he had with his father after Tiger won the 2019 Masters? That was a moment etched in time. Who knew then the youngster was following in his famous father’s footsteps?