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Legendary coach reveals how Roger Federer started using a forehand drop shot on clay



Legendary tennis coach Jose Higueras revealed while watching tapes of Roger Federer’s matches he noticed the Swiss was never using a forehand drop shot on clay. Higueras worked with Federer briefly in 2008 and it was his idea to have the Swiss incorporate the shot to his arsenal.

When asked why he was never using a forehand drop shot on clay, Federer answered it was because his forehand shot was huge. “When I first met Roger, we started watching tapes of his matches, from one afternoon till one or two in the morning.


That’s when I realized that he never hit a forehand drop shot on clay,” Higueras said on latest episode of the Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe podcast, as quoted on Sportskeeda. “So, I asked him, ‘Roger, why don’t you use your drop shot on the forehand side?’ He said, ‘Why would I do that? I have a huge forehand!’”

Federer accepted to add the shot to his arsenal
Higueras thought adding that specific shot could help Federer win more on clay.

In 2009, Federer captured his first and lone French Open title after beating Robin Soderling in the final. Federer reached French Open finals on four different occasions but always ended runner-up to Rafael Nadal. “So we got into a conversation about the advantages of favoring that shot.


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People think it is not an offensive shot, but it’s an extremely offensive shot. I said to him, ‘Just imagine you’re playing someone who is 10 feet behind the baseline. You have two shots to hit, down the line or a cross-court forehand.

But if you have a third option, it’s going to force the other guy to change his position.’ [After that], it didn’t take him too long to actually start using the shot,” Higueras said. Meanwhile, Federer hasn’t played since last year’s Wimbledon as he is recovering from a knee surgery.

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