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Novak Djokovic is still a selfish jackass



Says he’d rather skip future tournaments than get vaccinated

You would think that after watching Rafael Nadal become the first player to reach 21 grand slam wins, Novak Djokovic would have gained some sort of perspective, knowing that he himself had cost himself the chance to be the first one to do it, which he’ll never have again. That maybe, just maybe, he would see the error of his ways. That missing out on history, and perhaps staring down the fact that he might be wasting the last years of his prime could get him to see beyond his own nose.

The thing is, and perhaps the most frustrating for the tennis world and beyond, is that Djokovic really isn’t a moron, at least in a lot of ways. He speaks six languages. He’s known true hardship, which few other tennis pros have. He knows a lot about a lot, honestly.

novak djokovic

It’s not all that hard, I suppose, to see that someone like Djokovic, who has had a team of people surrounding him only working to make sure he is working at peak performance, might fall under the impression that his own body and condition is what matters over all. He has never known anything else for years.

But, as we have to keep repeating, it is not Djokovic’s body and condition that we are most concerned with. It’s about everyone else’s. When Djokovic bleats on about “finding a way to get rid of this virus,” we already have. It’s the vaccine. It’s getting enough people vaccinated so it has nowhere to go. There is no other way. There is nothing we can shoot at it in open air, though I’m sure there are plenty who are convinced that will be the answer some day. There is no spray. This is it, we found it, and the only reason it hasn’t worked yet is because of raging assholes like Djokovic who have put themselves first along with some crusade for nothing other than the purpose of saying you were on it.


Djokovic also fails to realize that no one’s forcing him to get jabbed. There are no cops or troops at his door, with an evil-looking scientist with bulging eyes and a wicked smile brandishing a needle in one hand and a cattle prod in the other.


Djokovic is free to not take it, but then he is subject to the consequences. Again, the problem here is that these selfish fucksticks think not only of themselves, but that they shouldn’t have to face any ramifications for their damaging theories and ways. They should get off scot-free, no matter the danger they pose. Everything should bend to them simply because they want it.

Ask Djokovic, should he miss out on this year entirely, or however long a vaccine is required to play, what will he have gained? What will he have won? He will just have proven how little he cares about anyone else.

Australia decided to boot his ass, not because of the danger he posed in a closed atmosphere of the tournament, but because of what he represented and how that could be used to foster even larger problems in the country. Hopefully the ATP follows suit and keeps him on ice for a long while. Djokovic may find out that even though he’s the best player of all-time, the game doesn’t actually need him.