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Emma Raducanu: I just know that I’m doing the right things



Emma Raducanu thinks having a strong faith in yourself is one of the keys to success as she says you have to stay strong when things aren’t going your way. Raducanu put up an astonishing run at the US Open to win her maiden Grand Slam but since then she hasn’t had much success.

“I think that the challenge that younger players may face is getting disheartened by a few losses in a row – that’s not something that every successful tennis player has gone through. But it’s important to keep strong and stay in your own lane really, and kind of zone out from what everyone else may think or say, and just keep believing in yourself,” Raducanu told Glamour Magazine.

emma raducan

Raducanu confident in herself and her abilities
Tennis experts and pundits think Raducanu needs to be given time. Raducanu has been tipped by many to win multiple Grand Slams and become a world No. 1. “Definitely. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at – if you keep losing a few matches, it can be easy to get disheartened, but personally I just know that I’m doing the right things.

I trust myself – and that everything will come together in the end,” Raducanu added. Raducanu is the global ambassador for Evian. “Yeah, I think that it’s very easy to overlook some certain things. Everyone lives such a fast-paced life nowadays.

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For me, being an athlete, I think drinking water and especially pure water from Evian is really important in terms of just staying fit, staying healthy and ensuring that I can continue with my training without getting tired.


It’s about being in the best physical shape I can be. In many different areas, it’s the fundamentals that create a great base. I think you can take that and apply it in pretty much every aspect of life,” Raducanu explained.