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Emma Raducanu reveals when she feels most empowered



World No. 13 Emma Raducanu thinks self-belief is extremely important in an individual sport such as tennis. Raducanu, 19, burst onto the big scene last year after she became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam.

“I think that self-belief is really important because tennis is such an individual sport and you’re out there on your own competing and fighting for every point. There are times when you may not be going through the best patches, but you’ve just got to keep working and trusting your journey.

emma raducan

I think that’s something that I take into all aspects of life – for instance when building relationships, I like to align with people and partners that are really authentic – like Evian’s recent “Drink True” campaign [which celebrates authenticity, transparency and honesty];” Raducanu told Glamour UK.

Raducanu on when she feels empowered
“It’s when I step out onto the match court, and I know it’s just me and myself out there. That’s probably the moment where I feel like I’m most in control. I like that there’s a sense of uncertainty, but you have the control over yourself – so you’re in a real battle then, fighting for every point,” Raducanu revealed.


Raducanu is now one of the most popular WTA players and she is the ambassador of some of the world’s most popular brands. Raducanu has little routines that help her relax physically and emotionally. “It varies depending on the tournament I’m at or the city I’m in, but I’ve definitely found some routines that really worked.


So we’ve had a few routines like frozen yoghurt at the end of matches in New York. Or eating poke for dinner every single night for three weeks, because I didn’t want to change things. It’s more about finding small things like that. They just bring you a bit of comfort,” Raducanu explained.