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Rory McIlroy Reveals What Does He Think About Tiger Woods’ Current Career Phase



We all know Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are good friends. However, Tiger has been going through a strenuous period as he met with a solo car crash in February 2021. And since then, he has been recovering and is still not completely fit to compete on the PGA Tour.

But it was evident that Woods will now compete only in the prominent events. Notably, he might have also made a plan or has a tournament in mind to which he can come back. Hence, this phase of his career differs from the phase Tiger had till 2010. So Rory McIlroy revealed what he thinks about this phase of Tiger Wood.


Rory McIlroy shares his views on Tiger Woods’ current phase
Golf recently published an interview with Rory McIlroy. And there, the interviewer asked Rory what does he make of Tiger in this phase of his career. “It was always going to come. At some point, he wasn’t going to play as much. It’s probably come a little sooner than we all hoped,” said Rory.

Furthermore, McIlroy said that he has seen Tiger become mellow over the years since his first interaction with him in 2009. The Northern Irishman also said that he is more balanced and well-rounded as an individual now. “And I think it’s a good thing. I think it puts all of his achievements in perspective a little bit,” feels Rory.


To conclude, Rory said he loves every version of Tiger, but he likes this current version. Moreover, he also revealed the reason for the same and said, “I always call him this mythical man in a red shirt, but he seems more human to me, more relatable, and I think that’s a good thing.”


Hence, Rory McIlroy loves the current version of Tiger Woods more than the previous ones. Meanwhile, hopefully, we will see the 15-time major championship winner Woods soon back on the PGA Tour.